Amsterdam 2017: Leaving (Day 7 – Final Day)

Thanks to a surprisingly lengthy continental breakfast this morning, we did not spend the day in Amsterdam’s nearby fishing villages. Instead, our plans became a simple walk around the city and shopping in the afternoon.

We left the hotel not long after 11am, in what I would later find out would be my second-to-last time leaving, in a similar direction to the one my mum and I went towards just 6 days ago – towards Jordaan. Walking slowly, we made our way around Prinsengracht, Bloemgracht, Westerstraat, Noorderkerk and all the way back to the outskirts of Dam Square – taking photos all the way along.

20170219_Ami_Pics (13)

20170219_Ami_Pics (20)

20170219_Ami_Pics (25)

Just outside the square, we split off into two teams: my mum and I heading off to do some shopping before the flight home and my sister and grandparents walking down Kalverstraat in search of new shoes for my grandma. We met up again not long afterwards down Kalverstraat and headed towards the Blue Amsterdam Café – a sweet place to eat that sits above the rooftops of Amsterdam and provides 360° views all the way around. Though I did not buy anything, it was a lovely place to just sit in, draw and eat crisps that my mum and I bought not long before.

20170219_Ami_Pics (30)

20170219_Ami_Pics (33)20170219_Ami_Pics (36)

After the café, we all returned to the hotel and spent our time in my grandparent’s room until the time came for my mum and I to get going towards the Amsterdam Centraal. It was not an easy parting to say the least – it is unlikely I will see my sister or grandparents for a good few months now – but we all knew it was coming and there had not been anything bad about the trip as a whole (from my perspective at least), so I left the hotel at around 4:30 pm with my mum and granddad feeling fairly happy.

Despite some confusion with the trains paired with bit of pressure from our slight lateness, my mum and I reached Amsterdam Schiphol Airport not long after 5 pm and began making our way through security and everything else. By 20:35 we were on the plane – another propeller powered one – and ready to depart.

We arrived at Exeter Airport in the night of Sunday 19th February at 22:13, officially marking the end of the trip.

20170219_Ami_Pics (37)


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