Amsterdam 2017: Culturing Ourselves (Day 7)

Today, in contrast to yesterday, was a much more fast-paced day – at least in terms of plans. It began, almost routinely, at about 9 am with a large continental breakfast which lasted about half an hour before we returned to our hotel rooms and prepared for the day ahead. Our first stop was the Van Gogh Museum which we reached by tram.

20170218_Ami_Pics (13)

20170218_Ami_Pics (22)

Though the museum did not hold a handful of Van Gogh’s most famous works, it did show a very interesting and holistic perspective on his life and paintings. As a fan of his work, like many many others, I enjoyed this museum very much. Overall, we spent between 3 and 4 hours in the museum – having arrived at about 11am. After the museum, we returned to the nearby Wagamama that mum and I went to on Wednesday (though my sister and grandparents were with us this time).

20170218_Ami_Pics (33)

20170218_Ami_Pics (37)

20170218_Ami_Pics (41)20170218_Ami_Pics (44)

Having filled our bellies, we left the restaurant in search of Albert Cuypmarkt, a nearby street market that my grandmother wanted to visit. We arrived there not long afterwards thanks to a short tram journey.

20170218_Ami_Pics (51)

It was here from this point onward that my consistent photographing of Avi, my sister, reached new heights. Still on the quest for a new profile picture, I managed to capture 64 pictures of just her and additional 20 of her with other scenery or people out of the 134 pictures and videos I took today on my camera alone.

(Click on images to enlarge them)

After the market, in which we only purchased a new set of glasses for my mum, we set off (by tram once again) towards the Vondelpark, a beautiful city park for walkers, cyclers and photographers. I loved it.

Now, back at the hotel room a few hours later, my family are sat behind me planning a trip to some nearby fishing villages while I hope that the forecast bad weather and my lack of will to come with them will deter them. Later, mum and Avi are going out into town while my grandparents and I will go and get food then return to the hotel where I will keep working on this diary.

* * *

A miscommunication led my grandparents to believe that I was not coming with them to get food and so I spent the last 15 minutes unexpectedly alone in the hotel without much to do. Luckily they brought me a big bag of crisps when they came back so I am ok once again.


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