Amsterdam 2017: Revisiting Rembrandt (Day 6)

Today, in comparison at least, was a very relaxed day. It began, as usual, with a hotel breakfast; but not long afterwards we split up into two groups of my mum and sister, who were to go shoe shopping, and my grandparents and I, who were to go to the Rembrandt Huis. We arrived at the part-house part-museum at around 11 am after having walked there and spent around 2 hours inside. The museum was interesting and provided an insight into Rembrandt’s working process.

20170217_Ami_Pics (22)

20170217_Ami_Pics (32)

20170217_Ami_Pics (37)

By 1 pm, my grandparents and I were out of the building and heading back to our hotel – were we met up with my mum and sister once more. Much of the rest of the day was spent inside my grandparent’s hotel room, where my grandmother read us stories and my sister and I played card games.

In the evening, we set off up Damrak in search of food, found some, found multiple cats inside stores, and returned to the hotel and to bed.

20170217_Ami_Pics (39)

20170217_Ami_Pics (42)

A relaxed day, but a fun one nonetheless.


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