Amsterdam 2017: Learning and Walking (Day 5)

In a wild break from the norm, this morning began with yet another continental breakfast. Though today was quite a relaxed day in terms of plans, it began in a very moving way. Our first plan for the day was to visit the part-museum-part-house Anne Frank Huis. After that, we’d booked a tour guide for about 4 hours and later, in the evening, we hoped to try our luck once more at the Amsterdam music scene in a small bar recommended to us by one of the hotel receptionists.

Before arriving, Avi – my sister – had told me she was looking for a new profile picture while we were together so, over the next four days, I took many many photos of her (as well as my grandparents). Today was no exception.

20170216_Ami_Pics (12)

20170216_Ami_Pics (22)

By 11:30 am all five of us were out of the hotel and on our way to the Anne Frank Huis. The museum itself was a very moving, powerful experience and definitely a must-see for the city. Visitors follow a set path through both the attached museum and many of the rooms in the pre-existing house and annex – where the Frank family once lived – and are allowed to enter at certain intervals so as to keep the museum from crowding up. Both these methods work very well and ensure that every visitor passes every unmissable artifact.

20170216_Ami_Pics (15)

20170216_Ami_Pics (24)

After about an hour and 45 minutes, we were outside once again and soon met up with our tour guide for the next few hours – Inbar. She took us around from the Anne Frank Huis all the way down to Koningsplein, passing the Homomonument, Kalverstraat, the Amsterdam Museum, Begijnhof, Spui and various places to eat. It was a wonderful trip and we learnt loads about the city and its history and origins. It also gave me the opportunity to take lots of photos on the way.

20170216_Ami_Pics (35)

20170216_Ami_Pics (37)20170216_Ami_Pics (44)

20170216_Ami_Pics (49)

20170216_Ami_Pics (52)

After the tour, we headed back towards our hotel until the evening, when we got a taxi to Leidsekruisstraat, a street in the south-west of central Amsterdam with lots of cafés and live music. We arrived the bar that had been recommended to us – Café Het Hok – about an hour before the performance was due to begin (8pm) and so left the bar in search of food. After having walked around the area, we discovered a small Chinese restaurant and shared a few meal then headed back towards Café Het Hok. Though I did not take any pictures, the performance was incredible and lively with very talented performers. It was a lovely way to spend the evening.

Not long after midnight, we got a taxi and returned, once more, to our hotel.


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