Amsterdam 2017: Relaxing in the Presence of Art (Day 4)

Since the beginning of this trip, I have been very excited for today. This evening, at around 9:45 pm, my sister, grandma and granddad would arrive in Amsterdam after an almost 5.5 hour long flight to stay with us until Monday (though my mum and I are leaving on Sunday). I had not seen any of them, except over Skype, for over 4 months – until today. Until then, however, mum was hoping for us to get to a free concert at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw (concert building) on the Museumplein, and then travel around the city until the time came for us to go and meet my sister and grandparents at Amsterdam Centraal Station.

For the third time this week, we went downstairs to a hearty continental breakfast at around 9am, and left the hotel by about 10 – later than we planned. Though we did manage to arrive at the Concertgebouw in time – or at least, the queue into it – it was only once the queue began to move that we discovered entry to this free concert required free tickets. Both mum and I were completely unaware of this until that moment and began to walk around searching for a ticket. To our misfortune, they were all out.

20170215_Ami_Pics (14)

We made our way outside onto the Museumplein and began looking for somewhere else to go. Since arriving in the city, I’ve seen multiple posters around Amsterdam for the Moco museum – currently holding two exhibitions: Banksy and Dali. As we were on the Museumplein already, mum and I decided to go in. I thoroughly enjoyed both the museum and the various artworks it held.

20170215_Ami_Pics (22)20170215_Ami_Pics (32)20170215_Ami_Pics (40)

20170215_Ami_Pics (45)

We left the museum at around 2pm and headed to a nearby Wagamama for lunch. It was while we were eating our meal that, just over 2000 miles away, my sister and grandparents were getting on their plane.

Not much happened for the following five hours: we made our way back to the hotel, went out shortly for food and came back. Once the all-important “we’re here” text came, however, the pace changed very quickly. Granted, the text reached my mum and I half an hour later than it was sent (enough time for them to reach Centraal Station before we’d even left the hotel), but we managed to get to them close enough to on-time and escorted them back to the hotel soon enough (after a few hugs, of course).

Despite the fact my grandparents bought a three-bed room, Avi – my sister – decided to sleep with my mum and I (in a room with only two beds) and so we are going to spend tonight and probably the next three nights with the three of us sleeping horizontally across one double bed.


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