Amsterdam 2017: Feeding on Art (Day 3)

Having eaten another full continental breakfast this morning, Mum and I set off onto Dam Square in search of a tram that would take us to the Rijksmuseum and the Museumplein. Though we took some wrong turns at first, we soon found our way and had reached the museum by 11am. The queue for tickets was long but was, as we discovered later, well worth the wait. We spent almost all of the day in the museum, making our way up it’s three floors and through the 250 years worth of paintings and sculptures it showcases (though we did manage to accidentally ignore all of the art on floor 0 – which would increase the museum’s displays from representing 250 years to 850).

20170214_Ami_Pics (17)20170214_Ami_Pics (19)20170214_Ami_Pics (25)20170214_Ami_Pics (28)

Most of our time in the museum was spent on the two highest floors – 2 and 3 – which consisted of works from between 1600-1700 including Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ and 1900-2000 including Piet Mondrian’s work with flowers.

20170214_Ami_Pics (34)20170214_Ami_Pics (42)20170214_Ami_Pics (58)

After a meal in the museum’s café and a browse through the gift shop, we exited the Rijskuseum at about 17:00 and headed for the tram back to our hotel.

20170214_Ami_Pics (76)20170214_Ami_Pics (78)20170214_Ami_Pics (83)

Every week, in the large Muziekgebouw Bimhuis (Bimhuis Music Hall), a group of musicians come to a free jazz music workshop to learn about and perform on a specified topic such as improvisation. Along with them, there is free entry for any people who may want to come and listen. Many people, as we discovered today, like to come there and draw the various scenes they see throughout the multiple – and in tonight’s case, unplanned – performances. All in all the workshop lasted around 4 hours and there was a jazz band playing afterwards in the venue’s café. It was a very atmospheric, relaxing experience and a good end to the day.

We got back to our hotel at around 1:00, having made our way by tram, and headed to bed.


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