Amsterdam 2017: Flying In (Day 1)

Our plane – a small, propeller-powered machine – arrived early at the unmistakably grand Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at about 20:10 pm (Amsterdam time). Border control went quickly, our baggage took very little time to reach us and we, my mum and I, were on our way to catch a train all within about 20 minutes. From the plane not long before, as we came closer and closer to the ground, I became very excited at the sight of snow which had settled on the ground from previously today. As we travelled into Amsterdam on a quiet, driverless train – a journey that took less than 20 minutes – I found myself (still) excited at the sheer amount of untouched snow that lay on the ground. As far as I was concerned, Amsterdam had satisfied me already.

Once we reached Amsterdam Centraal Station, it was only a brisk 15 minute walk towards Dam Square and our hotel before we could check into our room and enjoy the comfort of a warm bed. The room was warm and had a very distinct – though not bad – scent to it.

20170212_Ami_Pics (15)

It was only about an hour after settling in that we headed outside again, despite the below-zero temperatures, to find something to eat and explore a bit of the area. We found ourselves not long afterwards eating Asian-style noodles with a variety of other flavours mixed in from takeaway boxes walking down one of Amsterdam’s many canals. In this case, the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. Having explored around a bit (and played with the snow), we returned to our hotel at around midnight and prepared ourselves for the night.

20170212_Ami_Pics (17)


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