Paris – Venice 2016: Night-time Ferry and Fancy Tea (Day 1 Part 1)

10:05 France Time

After a 2 and half hour car journey and a short struggle with a Portsmouth map last night, we got on the ferry last night at 10:30pm. To our surprise, the cabin we’d booked was very nice and tidy complete with an en suite and small desk. Although the waves became increasingly rough, lying in bed in a dark room and feeling your head at a separate height from your feet is surprisingly calming. Maybe the fact that by then it had gone midnight had something to do with that…


20160214_Ami_Pics (16)
From the Ferry

I woke up this morning to the sound of dad’s alarm feeling as though I should still be sleeping but after a few words of encouragement from dad we got out of bed and sorted out our bags. Soon afterwards we were downstairs on deck 5 looking out for any interesting subjects for a photo (I doubt I found one) and/or sunrise and waiting for the leaving call. The bus, though almost full, was very quick to leave the ferry and we found ourselves at Le Havre Port within 10 minutes. Happily we found out that the bus we’d just left was heading directly to LH train station for free and so 10 minutes later, 30 minutes ago, we were standing in the deserted station just over two hours early. Since then, we’ve moved to a small café/bar just across the road testing out cameras and drinking fancy tea.



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